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✅ Complete features & benefits list
✅ Complete features & benefits list
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Here are a couple of creators that do a great job taking advantage of all of our features:


Bondage Liberation

➡️ Product Roadmap

We are CONSTANTLY working on new features. Check our Product Roadmap to see what's coming soon.

🎯 Services & policy benefits

  • BEST support in the industry
    Our support team prides itself on friendly and fast support. Reach us in the live chat and you can expect to get a response by a real human. This is the same for your members too!

    • FULL support for your members included

    • Support via live chat, text message (SMS), or email

    • No forms!

    • 99+% INSTANT support resolutions through our AI bots

    • Sub 1 hour average human response times 24/7/365
      Learn more about our 🤝 Our Support Promise

  • Fees

  • Wide range of payout options
    We offer many different payout options, including direct deposit, SEPA, e-check and wires to nearly 250 countries. We can also payout to e-wallet services like PayPal, Cash App, Revolut, Paxum, and more!
    Learn more about our payout options

  • Minimum payout just $25

  • Generous referral program
    Earn 25% of what we make on creator referrals.
    Learn about our referral program

  • Actively managed feedback system
    We LOVE feedback, and we make it easy for you to provide. You'll receive a quick and personal response from a real human shortly after your submission. You can also vote on feedback from other creators!

  • Detailed Help Center
    We have an extensive Help Center where you can find helpful articles covering all sorts of topics. Our Help Center can be found at

  • Optional custom domain
    We allow you to #OwnYourOwnBrand with a custom domain.

  • Mobile & desktop app
    Installable as an app on your members’ phones or desktop.

  • Free DMCA takedown requests
    While we don't offer an official DMCA takedown service, we are happy to send takedown notices on your behalf, no charge.

☁️ Hosting & Security

  • Video encryption to prevent bulk downloading
    Videos use delivery encryption to protect your content from theft and man-in-the-middle attacks. Encrypting video streams is a process used to secure your content using a secure algorithm and transmit it to only authorized viewers with encryption keys that work only on YOUR site.
    Learn more about video security

  • No installation scripts required
    There are no complicated scripts to install. Our site builder is fully ready-to-go as soon as you create your account.

  • Fully managed unlimited cloud hosting included
    Our fully managed hosting service takes the hassle out of website upkeep, ensuring optimal performance and security. We handle all the technical details, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

    • Auto-scaling to meet spikes in demand
      Whether you're expecting 50 visitors or 500,000, our system's auto-scaling ensures seamless performance to handle any level of demand.

    • State-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure
      Our state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure offers unparalleled reliability and speed, powering your site with the latest technology.

    • Servers on all major continents
      Our network, connected globally with top-tier telecom carriers, offers fast and reliable hosting. With this system, we ensure swift content delivery and optimal performance, benefiting our clients with enhanced user experiences and seamless access.

    • CDN included
      To ensure content is delivered to end users with minimal latency, our infrastructure utilizes a global network of 550+ Points of Presence and 13 regional edge caches spread across 100+ cities in 50 countries.

    • AI DDOS protection
      Our AI system automatically blocks incoming traffic, which appears to be malicious. Should our automation not prove enough to block larger attacks, a senior engineer will be assigned to manage and mitigate the attack.

    • Free SSL
      Free SSL is included with your site, increasing security and boosting user trust.

      Learn more about our fully managed hosting
      Learn more about our hosting infrastructure

  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Enhance the security of your account by adding two factor authentication to your account.​

❤️ Engagement

Group & private chats

Offer group chats, private chats, both, or no chats at all.

  • Reply to, copy and delete your comments
    Don't worry, you can always delete comments that you want to take back.

  • Reply to, copy, like and delete member comments
    Engage with your members' comments directly.

  • Mute members
    Mute problematic members for 1, 24, 48 hours, or until you manually unmute. Muted members will show a countdown timer and visual mute icon.

  • Floating chat AND chat center
    Chat with members as you navigate the dashboard using floating to chat windows, or use the chat-management page.

  • Member voice and image attachments in chat

    Allow members to add free or paid voice and image attachments to chat.


Offer free private messaging or charge a per-message fee.

  • Complimentary text messages
    Offer a limited number of complimentary private messages, customizable per membership. Give them once, or every 30 days.

Voice messages

Allow members to attach voice and image attachments for free, or for a fee. Offer a limited number of complimentary attachments after joining or every 30 days.
Learn more about member voice and image attachments

Chat unlocks

Charge an "unlock" fee for chat attachments, or send for free. And don't worry, our system will let you know if you are about to re-send a video that someone has already paid for.

  • Chat unlock stats
    See what content from your Library and Vault has already been sent and unlocked.

  • Send from vault or media library
    Send videos from your media vault for quick shares, or use videos that already exist in your video library.

    Learn more about chat & pay-per-message

Mass messages

Mass messenger
Our mass messenger allows you to reach not only those on your mailing list, but members at different parts of the subscription lifecycle.

  • Recipient filtering
    Send your mass messages out to only those who should be seeing them. Select specific memberships, membership statuses (active, cancelled, expired), those with accounts, but have never joined, or just those on your mailing list.

  • Personalized messages using variables
    Personalize your mass messages by using variables like member username.

  • Send as priate message or mass message
    Specify whether a mass message is sent to look exactly like a personal, private message, or a mass message.

  • Preview test messages sent to your inbox
    See how emails look in your inbox by sending yourself a preview test message.

  • BCC yourself
    Want to have a copy? No problem, just toggle on the BCC before sending your mass message.

  • Messages first sent via private messages then fall back to email
    Our system will automatically choose the optimal delivery method and timing to ensure maximum delivery. Messages will be first sent via private message and will then fall back to email if necessary.

  • Unsend messages
    Mass messages can be easily unsent by clicking the trash bin icon.

  • Attach locked content
    Attach content from your vault of library that can be unlocked for a fee by messagse recipients.

    • Unlock stats
      ​ View stats about the total number of unlocks and total earnings.

  • Attach inline images
    Embed images into your messages.

  • Delivery metrics
    See total number of recipients, email opens and chat opens.

Mailing list management

View and search email recipients, and unsubscribe recipients.


Your site is automatically translated for your members in their selected language, including real-time translations in the chat.

  • On-the-fly translations in live chat

  • Automatic translation of your site in the language of choice of your visitors

Offline mode

Use offline mode to disable the green dot that appears to your members when you are online.


  • Stream via the browser or via third party software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
    In addition to streaming from your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), you can use third party software to stream to your site.

  • On-the-fly stream access management
    Set access by membership and viewer type. Offer members, or the general public free or paid access. Options can be changed on-the-fly.

  • Powerful access settings for chat
    Set chat permissions based on membership type. Specify who can read and message. Options can be changed on-the-fly.

  • Livestream recording available for unlock
    Record livestreams and include them on your site on a "Recorded livestreams" page. Set access permissions like you do with regular videos.

  • Download recorded livestream
    Download your original recorded livestream to make edits and replace.

  • Announcement popup
    When your stream is live, visitors to your site will see a popup in the bottom left corner announcing your stream. Visitors will see a slightly different version depending on their access.

  • Powerful access settings for chat
    Set chat permissions based on membership type. Specify who can read and message. Options can be changed on-the-fly.

  • Powerful tip management
    Set and track tip goals, and individual tip actions and amounts. Track who's watching and where they're visiting from.

  • Auto-announcements
    Option to send private message/email announcements to your members and auto-tweets. The options will change based on whether you'll start the stream now, or schedule it in the future.

  • Detailed statistics
    Once you've started your stream, you'll see a stats section beneath the video player. You can see who's watching your stream, broken down by membership and access settings. You can also see detailed tip statistics, including information on each tip action.

🤖 Automation

Customizable event-based messages

e.g. welcome messages)

Customizable auto posts (tweets)

Auto posts for scheduled content publishing.


  • Schedule content releases
    Content can be published now, or scheduled and auto-released at a future time and date.

  • Scheduled livestreams
    Schedule a future-dated livestream and show a popup announcement on your site. Members have the option to add scheduled livestream to their calendar.

  • Schedule mass messages
    Flexibility plan your mass messages to members in advance, ensuring timely and consistent communication. Set your desired date and time, and we'll automatically send your messages, so you can focus on other important tasks.

  • Schedule promotions
    Schedule promotions to start at a future date and run for a set period of time.

  • Schedule store item releases
    You can schedule a publication date for store items if you're uncertain about posting immediately. This allows for any adjustments before the item goes live in the store.

Domain redirects

Redirect options for those migrating from other platforms to ensure links still function and maintaining SEO.
Learn more about domain redirects

🎞️ Content management

Video & photoset libraries

  • Collections
    Group similar items together in the same collection. Items can belong to multiple collections.​
    Learn more about collections

  • Tags
    Help your members find what they're looking for by adding fully customizable tags your content.

  • Powerful filtering options
    You and your members can easily find content by filtering by status, tags, collection, and cast members.

  • Content sorting
    You and your members can sort your content pages by publish date, name, and number of comments.

  • Search by keyword
    You and your members can also search your library by keyword. Descriptions, titles, cast member, tags and collections are searched.

  • Schedule content
    Content can be published now, or scheduled and auto-released at a future time and date.

  • Store and retrieve original files
    We securely store all of your original, high-resolution files photosets and videos which you can download at anytime. No need to worry about storing your originals on your computer.

  • Hide schedule content until x days before release
    Ensure your scheduled content doesn't overwhelm your libraries by limiting published content to only what's being released soon.

  • Customizable auto announcements
    Customize the default auto-announcement that is sent when you publish new content. Auto-announcements can also be turned off.

  • Replace videos
    Easily replace videos without having to start from scratch and replace all of your settings and statistics.

  • Custom video previews
    You can also associate custom video previews with all of your full length videos. Your video previews will play in place of the full length videos for those without access to that video.

  • Auto-generated or custom poster images
    Upload a custom poster image, or use one that is automatically generated when you upload your content.

  • Blur poster images
    Optionally blur poster images that you don't want shown to those who have not yet paid for the content.

  • Content likes
    Each piece of content includes a like button that members can click. Like counts are included in your dashboard.

  • Content comments
    Members can comment on each piece of content, and reply to, and like the comments of others. This helps drive engagement between you and your members, and between members themselves.

  • Powerful comment permissions settings
    Specify exactly who can comment on your content. Allow anyone with an account to comment, or allow only certain members.

  • Cast members
    Let your members know who in each video, by assigning cast members. This also satisfies an important legal (2257) requirement.

  • Allow/disallow downloads
    Specify whether content can be downloaded at all, can be downloaded for free, or can be downloaded for a price. The download fee can be in addition to the subscription or unlock price.


Your videos are watermarked with your site name when uploaded. Watermarks are optional and can be turned off if you don't want them.

Add member names as watermarks

Your videos are watermarked with your members name.

Bulk editing

Make edits to your entire content library in just a few clicks. Update collections, tags, cast members etc.

Content reordering

Effortlessly arrange the content on your sites with a simple drag of the mouse.
Learn more about content reordering

Pin content

Pin stories, videos, photosets or store items to keep them at the top. Pinned items are clearly marked with a pin icon.

Member Cloud Storage

Our Member Cloud Storage feature securely stores your members' unlocks, custom videos, and vault shares forever, ensuring they always have easy access and safekeeping.


The "Vault" is a specialized space designed to house and protect your most confidential content. Unlike items in your general library, the Vault is tailored for assets that are meant to be shared exclusively via private message, ensuring discretion and privacy. Within the Vault, you have the capability to send unlockable attachments, providing recipients with controlled access. Additionally, it offers high-quality storage, guaranteeing the integrity and preservation of your private content. This ensures your sensitive data remains both accessible and secure.
Learn more about the Vault


In addition to photo and video libraries, we allow creators to post stories. A story is a photo (or group of photos) or a short video that is intended to be short and sometimes temporary. Videos are intended to be a permanent part of your library and are supposed to be longer and higher quality. A story can be set to delete after 24 hours.
More info


We offer a store front to allow creators to sell miscellaneous digital or physical items including custom videos.
Learn more about the Store

  • Flexbile pricing options
    Our flexible pricing options include:

    • Multiple price options
      Offer a single price or multiple price options for each store item.

    • Extras
      Add optional extras that customers can add to their store purchases.

    • Per-minute pricing
      Add optional extras that customers can add to their store purchases.

      Learn more about our store pricing options

  • Clip stores
    Run a "clip store" by selling single video downloads to non members.
    Learn more about running a clip store

  • Custom videos
    Collect custom video orders and set custom pricing by-the-minute.

  • Content bundles
    Bundles allow you to sell multiple item types together as a single purchase.
    Learn more about content bundles

  • Order management system
    With our order management system, you can efficiently handle all orders received from your order forms. Streamline your workflow and take full control of your incoming orders with ease.
    Learn more about our Order Management System

  • Custom form builder to collect additional information
    Use our custom form builder to collect additional information with each purchase. Add long and short answer fields, multiple choice questions, and even collect document attachments.
    Learn more about our custom form builder

  • Shipping zone management
    Specify which countries you can ship specific items to and set custom pricing for each country, and shipping method.
    Learn more about shipping zones

  • Availability automation
    Limit and track availability of digital or physical items using Availability automation.
    Learn more about availability automation

🔒 Subscriber management

Full access to your customer data

Real-time, comprehensive access to your custom data, including detailed membership information and complete transaction history. All this data is readily downloadable in CSV format, ensuring you have full ownership and control over your valuable information.

Subscription management

Our platform allows you to specify access for each piece of content in your library. This allows you to specify whether it's available only for specific memberships, whether it's downloadable for free, or for an additional price and more.

  • Login with social media

    Members can create an account and log in with a single click. This additional convenience enhances user experience and increases conversions.

  • Granular content access
    Our platform allows you to specify access for each piece of content in your library. This allows you to specify whether it's available only for specific memberships, whether it's downloadable for free, or for an additional price and more.
    Learn more about content access settings

  • Membership benefits
    Empower your visitors with a clear, side-by-side comparison that outlines the inclusions and exclusions of each of your membership tiers.
    Learn more about membership benefits

  • Preview your site by membership type and status
    Learn more about previewing your membership tiering

  • Include streaming with a membership, or charge a fee (pay-to-stream)

  • Give free downloads or allow downloads for an additional fee

  • Hide content from specific memberships

  • Set specific options for non-members

  • Completely hide videos from the public and only show to paid members

Canceled pay more

Charge those who have cancelled their memberships more to unlock or download content.

Free or discounted trials

Select from a range of new trial options including free, or discounted with a period as low as 2 days. Trials are pre-authorized and will roll over into paid subscriptions.

Restrict number of trials

Prevent members from joining again with a free or discounted trial within a certian number of days, or ever.

Limit number of downloads by membership

Include a higher number of downloads in more expensive memberships

Prerelease unlocks

Offer paid access BEFORE the official publication date of your videos or photosets.


  • VPN blocking
    Prevent access to your site via VPN.

  • Block regions
    Block U.S. States, Canadian provinces, or entire countries. People visiting from blocked regions will see a general technical error message (we don't want to give away the fact that they are blocked).

  • Block members
    Block members quickly and easily by using the block feature. Blocked members appear in a searchable list and can be unblocked at any time.

  • Blacklist IP addresses
    Easily add IP addresses that you want blocked to the IP blacklist.

  • Whitelist IP addresses
    If you live in a blocked region, you'll need to still be able to view your site. That's where the whitelist comes in. Our system will automatically add your IP address to the whitelist so you don't block yourself automatically.

Member tags

Member tags allow you to segment (group) your members. You can then perform specific actions on these groups. There are two types of member tags: auto tags and manual tags.

Member notes

Member notes allow you to keep track of important information and events in the member lifecycle. Individual notes automatically are timestamped.


Replace member names with private nicknames to help you remember who you're chatting with.

🔔 Notifications & activity tracking

Customizable outgoing event-based notifications

Unleash your creativity & personalization by customizing outgoing messages & auto tweets for events like new joins, content unlocks & releases, promotions, livestreams, and more!

Custom outgoing notifications by store collections

Customize post-purchase auto messages by store category. With this feature, you can include information and instructions that are specific to the exact item that was purchased.

Notifications feed with easy inline replies

Our Notifications Feed keeps you updated on site activities, allowing real-time engagement with the ability to like and reply instantly. Utilize the inline reply feature to respond swiftly to content likes, comments, and chat messages directly from the notification feed.

Detailed activity feed

​Our activity feeds provide extremely detailed logs of EVERYTHING happening on your site, including all payment events, and member interactions. All of this data can be easily searched and filtered. With this info, there's nothing that you'll miss.

View webhooks

View additional details about payments including additional information to help with transaction troubleshooting.
Learn more about webhooks

📈 Statistics

Dive deep into your performance metrics with our comprehensive stats dashboard. Designed to offer a holistic view of your platform's success,'s dashboard showcases everything from revenue statistics, including top spenders, growth rates, and churn rates, to engagement metrics such as the most liked, commented, and viewed content, content commenters, and unlocks. This data-rich environment ensures you stay informed and can strategically tailor your content for maximum impact.

  • Stats dashboard
    Our statistics dashboard provides detailed insights into the key performance metrics of your site. From monitoring revenue streams and user engagement to tracking acquisition rates and retention, you'll have a comprehensive overview of your site's performance at your fingertips.
    Learn more about the our stats

  • Google Analytics integration
    Our platform seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics; all you need to do is paste your code. This effortless process ensures that you have access to in-depth analytics without any complications.

  • Custom tracking code
    We support custom tracking code integration, facilitating an effortless connection with specific third-party tracking services. By simply inputting your code, you can seamlessly integrate it into the header or body tag of your site.
    Learn more about custom tracking codes

📣 Marketing


Our promotions feature gives you total control over your discounts, from public offers to private, code-based promotions. You can set discount percentages, limit usage, schedule promotions for the future, and even customize how your announcements are made, all while tracking in-depth usage statistics.

  • Public or private promotions
    Create public promotions available to everyone, or private promotions using secret promo codes.

  • 100% discounts
    Offer 100% discounts with your promotions for the first payment or on all payments. Credit card payments are pre-authorized.

  • Discount just the first payment, or all recurring payments

  • Usage limits & restrictions
    Restrict usage to a certain number and type of users.

  • Save a draft, and schedule promotions for a future date

  • Customize announcement PMs and auto posts (tweets)

  • Usage statistics
    See who used the code and which transactions were disounced.

  • Show an automatic promotion announcement on your site (public promos only)

    • Announcement banner on your site

    • Membership selection page shows which memberships are discounted

Fully integrated affiliate system

  • No pricey third-party affiliate systems required

  • Fully integrated with your site and ready-to-go

  • Fully customizable terms

  • Detailed statistics

  • Detailed usage notifications

  • Beatiful and easy-to-use Dashboard for affiliates

  • Tube site ready​

💳 Payment processing

Huge range of member payment options including PayPal

We accept a wide range of payment methods including most major credit cards, and even PayPal!

Crypto payments

We support crypto payments via 10 of the most popular coins. Crypto payments are fully integrated and seamless, and there is zero risk of chargebacks!

One-click payments

Our "One-click" payment feature streamlines the purchasing process by allowing customers to make subsequent purchases without re-entering billing information after an initial transaction. With just a single click, customers can effortlessly top up their wallets, tip, unlock content, and buy both digital and physical store items.


In addition to purchasing your content directly via credit and debit cards, members can pay from their wallet. Once members "top up" their wallet, they are free to use the balance to make purchases on your site. Wallets are typically used to purchase smaller priced items like chat messages.
Learn more about the Wallet


Members can send one-off payments to you in the form of a tip. Members can tip by card or from their wallet.

  • Tips on content

  • Tips on livestreams

  • TikTok-style livestream tip actions

    Tip actions display buttons over your stream that prompt users to tip certain amounts for that particular action. You can show/hide tip actions during the livestream. Tip actions can be set to fade over time, if there are no tips for that action.

  • Tip activated toy responses (coming soon)
    We are currently working on adding API connections with leading toy brands to allow for tip activated toy commants.

  • Tip notes
    Members can leave private tip notes

Transaction & payout reports

  • Detailed transaction reports
    Complete and detailed reports of ALL financial transactions happening on your site - exportable in CSV format.

  • Detailed payout summaries
    Full breakdown of your payouts by payout period - exportable in CSV format.

  • Downloadable transactions CSV

    Instantly download a detailed CSV of your entire transaction history.

Use your own payment processor

Want to use your own processor? No problem! You can do that with our “plus” program. We even offer 50% payment processing on CCBill.

🎨 Design

  • Customizable header images with video or banner images
    Set a custom header image or video loop.
    More info

  • Logo & icon generator
    We provide easy-to-use logo and icon generators for those who don't have custom designs that they want to use.
    More info

  • Color palettes
    Customize your site's color theme or choose from one of our presets.

  • Your site installs as an app with customizable app icon
    Your site is installable as a real app on your member's phones or desktops. You can even design a custom app icon!
    More info

  • Customizable content cards
    Turn on/off the following content card options: Likes, New label, Share, Views, Timestamp, Tip, Total comment counts, and the Watched/Unwatched label.

  • Preview your site as an active vs. expired member
    See how various permission changes look by previewing your site as a paid member or someone without a membership.

  • Fully mobile friendly Dashoard and site
    Access the FULL dashboard on desktop or mobile. Public facing site is FULLY mobile.

📑 Compliance

  • 2257 management for cast members & models
    Full 2257 document management features, ensuring compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations. This allows users to securely maintain and organize age verification records, offering peace of mind through adherence to legal standards.

  • Age verification tools (coming soon)
    We're gearing up to release advanced age verification tools to enhance platform security and compliance. These tools aim to ensure users meet age requirements, prioritizing both user safety and regulatory adherence.

General FAQs & getting started

See this article for a list of general FAQs.

See this article for info on getting started.

Looking to switch your hosting?

Looking to switch your hosting, but still not convinced? Check out this article for more reasons.

Constant updates!

We are CONSTANTLY adding new features.

Read more about our product features & updates.
Explore our Help Center for more information.

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