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Can MMS payout to my Revolut account?

Yes, we can pay out to your Revolut account in Euros using your IBAN (International Bank Account Number). To find your IBAN on the Revolut app, head to your Dashboard and click on Euro. You’ll see your “Local” details displayed – but click on SWIFT and your IBAN will appear. Contact us once you have this information and we will enter it into the system. More information on IBAN from the Revolut blog

What are the fees for receiving payouts to my Revolut account?

In addition to our percentage of site earnings, we charge 5 USD per payout plus the following conversion rate (funds are deposited in EUR):

  • Up to 499.99 USD: 3%

  • 500.00 - 99,999.99 USD: 2.5%

  • More than 100,000.00 USD: 1.9%

Can I accept Revolut payments directly from members?

No. Payments from your members for any services delivered through the MMS platform must come through MMS.

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