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What is the payout schedule? When am I paid?
What is the payout schedule? When am I paid?

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Payouts are done AUTOMATICALLY every 2 weeks. Payouts are deposited 1-5 business days after the processing date.

When are the pay periods?
Payouts are processed every second Thursday for the previous pay period (ending 2 weeks prior). You can see the payout schedule and your payout amounts in the financials > payouts section.

Why is there a 2 week delay (hold back) at the end of the pay period?
There is a 2 week delay (hold back) because payouts from our payment processors are delayed by 2 weeks.  If a member pays $100 today, we receive that $100 14 days later. Payment processors have this "hold back" period to guard against fraud.

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, the minimum payout is 25 USD. Payouts are carried forward until your payout is at least 25 USD.

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